Who are we?

Emerge Logistics is a virtual trucking company that is founded by two friends who loves trucking. We've decided to open up our very own VTC because we wanted to try out something new. Our #1 priority are for our drivers to have a great time driving and get to know new people within the community. We see ourselves as a friendly community where everyone are welcome no matter where you from or your past.

Friendly Community

We have ZERO tolerance for misbehaving and bullying, we are a friendly community built for truckers.

Active & Professional Staff

We have a very active and professional staff team who are ready to step in and help at any time.

Weekly Meet-ups & Convoys

We either host our very own private convoys/fests or we join up with another VTC on regular basis.

User Friendly Logger

We are proud user of Virtual Trucking Logger (VTLog) which we use for our unique ranking system and to keep track of members.

Monthly Giveaways

Each month we host a giveaway were you can win anything from Custom Discord Role to a free game of your choice!

Professional BUT fun

We strive to be professional at all times, staff aswell our drivers when we are out on the road trucking.


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Check out some of our company statistics!

1 Loads Delivered
1 Events Participated
1km Total Distance Traveled

Latest News

Keep up to date with the VTC with our VTC News.

Oct. 26th

Re-Opening of VTC

We are really close to our re-openeing and are really looking forward towards it.


Let's work together

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